2021 – Papa Johns Epic Stuffed Recliner

2021 – Upholstery by Chameleon Fabrications. Mechanical, structural & accessories by Hero Solutions.

Papa John’s Celebrates Its New Epic Stuffed Crust by calling on fans to show off their #EpicStuffs, awarding winner with an epically stuffed chair for the ultimate sports watching experience.

The enormous, Epic Stuffed Chair features a reinforced pizza table, a smartphone holder and a Garlic Sauce cup dispenser, plus a 1.5 horsepower motor to enjoy your favorite pizza without leaving the comfort of your new favorite chair. The exclusive Epic Stuffed Chair (valued at $32,500), plus a cash prize of $7,500, will be awarded to one lucky winner of the Epic Stuffs Sweepstakes.

This chair started as a humble, and very NOT epically stuffed recliner:

That is, until the crew at Hero Solutions got ahold of it, and commissioned me to work on the upholstery for the piece. My challenge was to drastically modify the existing cushions & upholstery work to create a chair that would engulf the sitter in overstuffed comfort. They also had some tricks up their sleeves to add mobility and extra features. For my part, it involved completely stripping down the chair, making patterns off of the existing pieces, modifying them to the new sizes & shapes, and making the new chair. Did I say chair? I meant CHAIRS, because we made 5 of them altogether!

Here are the cut out pieces just for the back cushions of 4 of the chairs. Altogether, each chair required 89 individual fabric pieces, that’s 445 pieces for all 5 chairs! We used a really nice stretch faux leather, sewn on a Juki 8500, which handled it like a champ!

Side back ‘wing’ pieces

In the above pic, you can see a side-by-side comparison of one of the side back ‘wing’ pieces. This is the view from the back of the piece, and you can see how much bigger the cushion is in the modified version. In general, I added at least 4″ of depth to each cushion, and as much width as I could without interfering with other parts.

4 chairs lined up and ready to go!

Here are a couple videos showing the chair in action!

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